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Physical Therapy for Prenatal and Post Partum Women

Pregnancy and new motherhood should be a time of joy and promise - not pain. Fortunately, times have changed, you don't have to live with pain or other problems related to pregnancy and delivery. At Pro-Motion Advanced Functional Rehab we will customize a program to address your individual needs whether they occur during pregnancy and/or after the delivery of your precious little one.

Common problems that can occur during and after pregnancy


  • Postural Changes
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pelvic Pressure
  • Decreased Bladder and/or Bowel Control
  • Sciatica
  • Leg Cramps
  • Pain With Breathing
  • Difficulty Sleeping


  • Continued Issues with Sacroiliac Pain
  • Weak and Separated Abdominal Muscles
  • Pain From Episiotomy, Tearing or C-Section
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness and/or Pain
  • Urinary and/or Fecal Incontinence
  • Pain During Intercourse

How can PT help?

The Therapists at Pro-Motion can easily treat many of the symptoms associated with the stresses of pregnancy, vaginal deliveries and C-sections. To help alleviate these discomforts we are able to implement a program that is designed for each individual and may include postural awareness/education, stretching and strengthening programs, soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release, breathing exercises, bladder education and pelvic floor strengthening. We take into consideration your current life style and fitness level to help you achieve your goals and promote a healthier, less stressful, more comfortable pregnancy. Doing so may lead to an easier labor, a speedier recovery, and less likelihood of postpartum pain or incontinence. All of this is performed in concurrence with your OB/GYN's care.

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